20 Best Buffets In Singapore


With restaurants serving everything from Italian and French cuisines to Chinese, Peranakan, Indian and local dishes, a visit to Singapore is a true gastronomic adventure. And what better way to enjoy all the culinary fare that this exciting country has to offer than by tucking into a sumptuous buffet. We’ve put together a list of the top 25 buffets in Singapore to help you get started.

1. The Line (Shangri-La Hotel)

The Line (Shangri-La Hotel)

The Line is the talk of the town when it comes to seafood buffets. This is the restaurant that all seafood lovers head to when they want to indulge. From crabs and prawns to lobsters, mussels, scallops, oysters and fresh sashimi, the buffet offers an extensive spread without compromising on quality.

2. Basilico


Courtesy: Regent Hotels

Basilico goes all out to satisfy all your Italian food cravings with their hearty Italian food buffet, which changes every quarter to feature foods from different Italian regions. This is just one of the many reasons you will want to go back again and again. The alfresco-style dining, walk-in wine cellar, espresso bar and table laden with freshly baked breads and charcuterie capture the Italian culture to perfection.

3. Straits Kitchen

Straits Kitchen

Courtesy: Grand Hyatt | Singapore

For anyone who is looking forward to sampling authentic Singaporean food, there’s no better place than Straits Kitchen. Here you can enjoy a selection of mouth-watering Malay, Indian, Chinese and Peranakan dishes served in a cosy setting.

4. Lime


Not sure what type of food you want to tuck into? Lime makes it easy for you with their buffet that includes a variety of South East Asian and International foods. At the Lime buffet, the delicious roasts, pastas, salads and pizzas offer an interesting contrast from the curry leaf chicken, wok-friend dishes and make-your-own rojak.

5. Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Ikoi Japanese Restaurant

Courtesy: Hotel Miramar

The Ikoi Japanese Restaurant serves an extensive selection of authentic Japanese dishes at its a-la-carte style buffet dinner. The unlimited servings of sashimi is the scene stealer at this buffet.

6. Cafe L’Espresso

Cafe L'Espresso

Courtesy: Good Wood Park Hotel

There’s no place better than Cafe L’Espresso when you are feeling like indulging in a decadent high tea. Make sure you’ve had a light lunch if you are planning on eating here as the buffet has an array of tempting nibbles starting with warm croissants, hors d’oeuvres and cold cuts followed by warm scones with clotted cream and jam finishing off with a delicious dessert spread.

7. Manhattan Bar

Manhattan Bar

Courtesy: Asia-Bars.com

With plenty of exotic cocktails flowing freely, you need to leave the kids home for this buffet. The eats accompanying the cocktails include exotic dishes such as smoked foie gras, oysters, cheeses and other gourmet goodies.

8. Hai Tien Lo

Hai Tien Lo

Take the whole family along to this one. The dim sum items at the Hai Tien Lo buffet are a hit with the kids. From steamed prawn and pork dumplings to prawn paste and dried scallop dumplings and many other varieties, there’s a dim sum there for every taste.

9. K.Cook


Courtesy: SethLui.com

Cook is the number one choice for anyone looking for an affordable Korean BBQ buffet in Singapore. The spread is more extensive than you would expect and includes plenty of Korean BBQ delicacies such as marinated meat cuts, squid and prawns.

10. Edge


Courtesy: expatliving.com

With seven life food station, going to a buffet at Edge is like paying for dinner and theater. From satay, sashimi and roast beef to freshly shucked oysters and tandoori chicken, the variety of foods at this buffet is mind-boggling.

11. Mezza9


Courtesy: Grand Hyatt Restaurants

The Sunday brunch buffet at this trendy 400-seater restaurant at the Grant Hyatt Hotel is a treat for the whole family.  You can order what you want and watch the chefs cook it in front of you. This restaurant has earned a reputation for using on the highest quality ingredients from around the world.

12. Melt


Courtesy: Mandarin Oriental

With a wide variety of dishes from assorted cuisines, you know you could never be disappointed at the Melt buffet. You’ll find it all here, whether you are looking for local Singaporean noodles, freshly made pastas or grilled lamb kababs. The Vietnamese-inspired lobster spring rolls are a huge favorite.

13. Carousel

Carousel Buffet

Courtesy: carouselbuffet.com.sg

You’ll be spoilt for choice at the 7-kitchen buffet at Carousel where you can choose from an impressive spread of international delights including French, Japanese, Asian and Mediterranean.

14. One Ninety

One Ninety

Courtesy: fourseasons.com

Their menu may not be as extensive as some of the others but they make up for it with their outstanding quality. The fresh seafood, appetizers, cured meats and desserts are beyond compare.

15. Greenhouse


While the Greenhouse buffet is great any day of the week, it’s the Sunday brunch with a giant seafood section, premium meats and free-flowing Moet Champagne that catapults Greenhouse to the top 25 buffets in Singapore.

16. Plaza Brasserie

Plaza Brasserie

Courtesy: hotels.tv

If you like the idea of picking out your own crab, lobster, fish or any other seafood, this is definitely the buffet to head to. Plaza Brasserie is well known for its quality selection of premium seafood and the live cooking stations where you can see your chosen seafood being cooked in front of you.

17. The Kitchen Table

The Kitchen Table

Courtesy: danielfooddiary.com

With six live cooking stations and a tempting array of international flavors from wood-fired pizza and Thai noodles to Indian tandoori, Japanese Sushi and Chinese dim sum, this is the perfect buffet for the whole family. The rubber ducky salt and pepper shakers are a great hit with the kids.

18. Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Tenkaichi Japanese BBQ Restaurant

Tenkaichi offers a great buffet for anyone looking for an affordable Japanese meal. You will of course pay premium rates if you opt for the Premium Wagyu Beef Buffet. With or without the Wagyu option, it is still worth it.

19. Rise @ MBS


Courtesy: 365days2play.com

Fancy a buffet set out in natural surroundings? The naturalistic design with wooden furnishings and an abundance of large potted plants is the perfect backdrop for this buffet at Rise @ MBS. The choices are extensive menu and the food absolutely delicious.

20. Town Restaurant

The Town Restaurant

Courtesy: fullertonhotel.com

Prefer to dine in a more cosmopolitan setting? The Town Restaurant is just the place to head to for a  power business lunch. A decadent milk chocolate fondue fountain provides the grand finale after a tempting spread of Japanese sashimi and sushi, fresh seafood and delicious local cuisine.

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