Frequently Asked Questions

What is Featured Agent?

Featured Agent allows agents to feature their profiles on the home page by districts and it will bring high exposure to the agent. When featured, agents can list all services under their profiles, so potential renters can see all listings with one click. Potential renters can contact the agent on any listing that the agent has under his or her profile. Through agent profiling, we promote agent awareness and agent branding.


What is the difference between Featured Agent in ‘selected district’ and ‘all districts’?

Featured Agent in ‘selected district’ will only show up when user browses the listings in the particular district. Featured Agent in ‘all districts’ will show up in all districts listings.

I featured my Agent banner in all districts, why I did not see it?

Since each screen can only show 10 banner Ads, more banner Ads will show up when users browse more listings. Usually, the most active agents’ featured banner will rank on top.

How featured agent banner ranks if users browse selected districts?

Featured agent banner in the selected districts will rank top and featured agent banners in all districts will follow immediately after them.

How can I renew my Featured Agent banner?

Featured Agent banner is not renewable and you need start a new agent banner after it expires.

Can I purchase another agent banner before current banner expires?

Yes, you can. But we highly encourage users to feature their banners differently from existing districts. Featured banner in the same district for the same agent will be showed up delicately which does not make any sense for agents and users.

Top Ad

What is Top Ad?

Top Ad allows your Ad to appear on top of listings for several days or weeks. More people read or reply these Ads because their prominent position on top of listings over a long time period.


What are the differences for Top Ad in ‘Selected District’ and ‘All Districts’?

Top Ad in ‘Selected District’ ONLY appears on top of listings while users browse (filter) listings in the selected district. Top Ad in ‘All Districts’ will be always on top of listings no matter which districts users are browsing.

Which Top Ad will list on top if both ‘Selected District’ and ‘All Districts’ top Ad appear on a selected district?

‘Selected District’ top Ad will always be placed on top of ‘All Districts’ top Ad in selected districts since ‘Selected District’ top Ad matches users’ search.

How my Top Ad ranks if there are many Top Ads?

Generally, the ranking of Top Ad will be based on the post date and time, latest posted top ads will be placed on the top.

When the ‘New’ label appears on the listings?

‘New’ label is only available up for Top Ad which is posted within 24 hours.

What is Highlight Ad?

The Highlight feature allows users to highlight their Ads on the listing pages in order to gain visibility. Highlight Ad will not move your Ad to top of the listings.


What is Label Ad?

Label Ad allows Ad owners to indicate they want to rent the property quickly. Ads with label stand out from the crowd because of their different look. Label Ad will not move your Ad to top of the listings.


Q5 Can I buy Top Ad, Highlight Ad and Label Ad together?

Yes, you can buy them together. In this case, your Top Ad will be showed up with selected highlight color and label. If your ‘selected district’ Top Ad falls as regular Ad out of ‘selected district’, the Ad will still show up as a highlight and label Ad.

Renew Ad

What happens if I renew my Ad with the same featured type?

Your featured Ad expiration date will be extended based on current featured Ad expiration date. For example, if your current Top Ad is in 'all districts' and it is renewed in 'D01', after 'All districts' Top Ad expires, this Top Ad will show up in D01.

What happens if I renew my Ad with a different featured category?

The bottom line is the same Ad will not be appeared repeatedly on the listings. Also, the duration of each featured Ad type is independent with each other as you purchased. For example, if your renewal (Top Ad) is mix with label Ad and highlight Ad, the overlapping period of the Top Ad will be showed up with a label and highlighted as a single record.